Leasing Information

Found the perfect place? What is your next step? Download and read the Resident Selection Guidelines. Then download and complete our Rental Application (this form is downloadable in Word and may be completed on your computer). Bring the completed application and a $40 non-refundable fee by our office at 729 East Glenn or mail the application with a check or money order to Evans Realty, P.O. Box 427, Auburn, AL, 36831-0427. Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. We are also open on Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm occasionally in the summer.

Please note:

  • All rents are subject to change
  • Parents’ signature is required on the lease if the tenant is under the age of 19 years or if parent is responsible for actual rent payments.
  • All tenants are required to complete an application and pay a $40 non-refundable application fee
  • All tenants are required to pay a security deposit and sign the lease before moving into the apartment
  • Tenants are strongly encouraged to purchase renter’s insurance
  • A tenant will be required to sign a nine month or eleven and one half month lease, depending upon the property. Summer leases are available for May-July

Some of the advantages of renting from Evans Realty, Inc include:

  • Maintenance calls answered 24 hours a day with prompt response.
  • Quality construction and insulated walls help ensure that your neighbors remain neighbors and not “roommates”.
  • Properties aren’t “College Party Central” so when it’s time to study, you can hit the books.
  • Don’t struggle with public transportation or fight for a parking place! Many of our properties are within walking distance of campus. Tiger Transit is available from most locations.

No gimmicks or high-pressure recruiting because we trust that once you rent from Evans Realty, Inc. you won’t want to go anywhere else.