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House$ 950.00/month

611 Luverne

611 Luverne Auburn, AL 36830

Home has gas heat. Residents pay all utilities.    

House$ 900/month

341 North Dean Road

341 North Dean Road Auburn, AL 36830

Gas heat, central air, resident pays all utilities

House$ 550/month

330 Williams Street

330 Williams Street Auburn, AL 36830

Resident pays all utilities

House$ 1900.00/month

2213 Jefferson Street

2213 Jefferson Street Auburn, Alabama 36830

    Home is total electric.  Resident pays all utilities.  Home has a double garage and large back yard with privacy fence.  Also has a nice Neighborhood Pool

Commercial$ 4,000/month

252 Bragg Avenue

252 Bragg Avenue Auburn, AL 36830

Large open warehouse space – Appox. 16000 Sq. feet loading dock, office space & counter

Commercial$ 250/month

311 Bragg Avenue

311 Bragg Avenue Auburn, Alabama 36830

Open warehouse space – Appox. 1200 Sq. feet

House$ 500/month

Tucker Avenue Homes

1010 Tucker Ave Auburn, AL 36830

Properties: 1010 Tucker Avenue: 3 bedroom, 1 bath- $400 per month House uses gas heat. Tenant pays all utilities.

House$ 1400.00/month

1239 Sanders Street

1239 Sanders Street Auburn, Alabama 36830

Home has gas heat and water. Home has central air. Resident pays all utilities.

House$ 2400/month

126 Cedarcrest Circle

126 Cedarcrest Circle Auburn, AL 36830

5 bedroom/2 bathroom –   Home uses gas heat and hot water. Pest control and lawn care included. Resident pays all utilities.

House$ 1250.00/month

1008 Lakeview Drive

1008 Lakeview Drive Auburn, AL 36830

Home uses gas heat and water. Resident pays all utilities. Home has hardwood floors and a large deck in back of house.